Something I am good at…


Here we are…day 2 of this blogging challenge.

Today’s topic; Educate us on something you know a lot about or are good at.


I am RIDICULOUSLY good at…

Burning bacon.


That bacon right there…perfection.  Most people would probably look at that bacon and call it a total loss.

Not me.

The name of the game here…low and slow.  Husband likes to throw his bacon in the griddle on HIGH and let ‘er rip which generally results in a GIANT grease mess for yours truly to clean up.

That’s not how I do bacon business.  Low and slow for at least 20 – 25 minutes and several turns of the slices make for the PERFECTLY overdone bacon.

Smoke factor is also key.  Don’t be pulling that bacon out of the pan before you see smoke.

If you don’t see smoke, it ain’t done.

You can thank husband for today’s post.  It was mostly his idea.  Which has me a bit concerned.  I mean, I KNOW he likes his bacon limp and soggy vs. my firm and crispy bacon…but it kinda makes me feel like he thinks I’m a bad cook.

Happy bacon cooking, y’all!


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