What makes YOU uncomfortable?



I’m on a roll!  Three days of posts in a row!

Hey…that kind of rhymed.  I should’ve been a rapper…obvi.

 Today’s topic of conversation is; “Things that make you uncomfortable.”


Love him to death, but friends…sometimes this guy makes me completely and utterly uncomfortable.  Case and point shown above.  I mean, come on you guys…wouldn’t YOU be uncomfortable, too?  The first two photos were taken in a public place.  This guy has ZERO issue with making a total fool of himself regardless of how it makes me feel. For. Real.  Even though I nearly laughed until I peed my pants while all of those photos were being taken…it still made me uncomfortable.

This post is proving to be quite difficult for me.  You see, not all that much makes me uncomfortable.

Oh wait…I just had another uncomfortable situation pop into my head.

While enjoying all that Thailand has to offer, husband and I indulged in quite a few massages.  Not “THOSE” kind of massages…just your basic massages.  You know…a foot massage, Thai massage.  That kind of thing.  Well, one particular afternoon (post sun worshiping) I decided to go for an aloe massage.  I made the mistake of not using enough sunblock and enjoying a little too much sunshine, so a massage WITH aloe seemed like the logical thing to do.  Generally, I tend to be a pretty…private person when it comes to baring my nekkid body to complete stranger.  So, while husband stripped down to his skivvies without issue, I nervously stripped down to my “unders” as well.  Little did I know…my “massage therapist” had a bit of a different idea.  It wasn’t too long after I laid down on that lovely massage table that my “massage therapist” was removing my….GASP….bra!!!  Ugh!  Now, at first it wasn’t THAT big of a deal…I was laying on my front.  Piece of cake.  I talked myself off of the ledge I was standing on and decided to try and enjoy my massage as much as I could.  Then it happened.  The time came to roll over to my front and there was NO WAY this nice lady giving me my massage was gonna let me keep my bra.  That’s not even the worst of it.  Just when I thought I had endured the biggest embarrassment of my life (a stranger seeing my boobies) she started massaging my boobies.  Seriously?!  I had NEVER been so uncomfortable in my entire life.  NEVER.  I was stuck somewhere between feeling completely violated, utterly embarrassed and trying to fight off the biggest belly laugh of my life.  All the while husband is laying next to me enjoying the show.

So there you have it.  About the only thing that makes me uncomfortable is having to bare it all in front of a complete stranger.  I’m just not made for it.  Let alone a complete stranger laying hands on my “goodies.”

If you ever get the opportunity to travel to Thailand…be prepared.  Maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad had someone given me fair warning.


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  1. hehe!!! Was sure I told you this last year!! Aloe massages are A-MAZ-ING but you have to say ‘no’ to the boobies part…. although once its done you kinda get used to it ;)
    Loving your posts btw. xx

  2. I just died of laughter….first photo of your hubby so fun & priceless! Second boobie massages who needs to pay for that when the hubs willingly volunteers….oops uncomfortable!  seriously that would be uncomfortable! So funny though!

  3. Your husband is hilarious!! Sounds a little like mine. Every time we have a get together at our house, he likes to change clothes (after having a few) and ti’s always something horrendous. Most recently it was into a mullet wig and a Corona shirt with the sleeves cut-off that he bought for our party. And then he always goes into a country accent which he’s bad at. And he always ends up showing chest hair. Hmmm? Boobie massages? That’s too much! HAHA! I had my butt cheeks massaged once while I was in Mexico. :-)


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