Today’s installment of “Blog every day in May” asks us to share our favorite quote (from a person, from a book, etc.) and why you love it.

I’m not very big on quotes.  I couldn’t tell you why.  I guess I’m just not one of those people.  I tend to hang on to and remember inspirational things that people close to me have said vs. quotes from famous people.  That being said, the first quote that came to my mind was something my mom said to me years ago.

“In life, there are going to be disappointments.”

stitchers 048

One thing I know for certain, my mom probably doesn’t even remember sharing those words with me and I’ll remember it for as long as I live.  You see, those words ring in my head when life presents me with some type of disappointment.  Whether it be a situation, a family member, a friend, my husband…remembering that “In life, there are going to be disappointments” truly  helps me to keep perspective and reminds me that I shouldn’t ever expect to never be let down.  Lord knows I’ve dealt out my fair share of disappointments in my lifetime.  I suppose that’s what my mom was getting at.  Helping me to understand and remember that none of us are perfect and regardless of how perfect we’re expecting others to be…in the end…we’re only human.

I certainly have my mom to thank for keeping things real.  Sometimes life is better when lived simply and realistically.

Love you to the moon and back, mom.  xoxo


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  1. I am always so proud when I see such results of our parenting.
    Thanks for being our daughter and I love you too:) Meow, meow,meow!!!!

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