What I do


I took a day off.  I know you’ll find it in your heart to forgive me. I just know you will.

I was on a SERIOUS roll, though.  Wasn’t I?

Just for kicks and giggles, I’ll leave you with a little hint of what kept me away from blogging yesterday.


Obviously Cinco de Mayo calls for wearing miniature sombrero’s, yo!!  Isn’t it SO cute?!  I think so, too!!

Then there was a new recipe in honor of Cinco de Mayo.


Totally a Pinterest recipe.  Black bean and corn salsa. To. Die. For.  If you like corn, tomatoes, black beans, avocado’s…oh man…you NEED this recipe in your life.  It was light and refreshing…and then we added chips!  Then it was light, refreshing and CRUNCHY!!  Paired with a margarita?!  PERFECTION!!

Speaking of margaritas…I filmed a new episode of “Cooking with Karissa.”  Basically…it’s the bee’s knees.  Just trust me and go watch the video.

So let’s chat.  Today’s “Blog every day in May” series topic is;

If you couldn’t answer with your job, how would you answer the question, ‘what do you do’?

This my friends is simple.

I workout like a BOSS.  I mean, I know it doesn’t show…but that’s on purpose.  I like to keep a little extra ‘junk in my trunk’ if ya know what I mean.  Pretty sure you know what I mean.  Also…I teach a step class every now and again.  That there doesn’t count as a job (even though I DO get paid for it) because I LOVE it and therefore I am NOT cheating by using a J-O-B as part of my answer.

Moving right along along…

I cook, I clean and I travel like it’s my job.  Really.  I do.  Most recently our travels took us back to Thailand.   One of my favorite photos from the trip…

Thailand2013 052

I grocery shop nearly every. single. day.  I’m a professional banana buyer.  Why?  Because no matter how many freaking bananas I buy…we’re ALWAYS out!!  I swear, my husband HAS to be half monkey.

I shop too much, save too little and hoard eyeshadow like it’s going out of style.  I can’t help it…it’s what I do.  I get my hoarding tendencies from my dad.

From time to time I like to “play” in my closet and with my makeup. Allow me to break that down for you…basically what I’m trying to say is I host my very own fashion shows with just myself.  It’s really quite fun.  You should try it.  This is what married women with part-time jobs do.  Well, it’s what this married, part-time working woman does.  Maybe I should only speak for myself.

Obviously I do more than what I shared with you right here, but if I told you EVERYTHING that I did, we’d be here all day!!  Plus, I think that short video gives you a good idea of ‘what I do’ on a daily basis.  Except for it’s not always with tequila…

Peace out, Girl Scouts!!


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