Blog every day in May…Day 7; The thing(s) you’re most afraid of.


While today’s topic wasn’t hard for me to answer, it’s tough to write about.

I’m most afraid of losing my husband.

Phuket 214


I would probably say I’m equally afraid of losing my mom or dad, one of my siblings, a niece or a nephew…it’s terrifying to me.

While this fear is very real to me, I hate to think about it, let alone pour my heart out about it on my blog.  I suppose one could say that thinking/worrying about losing your spouse is a bit morbid.  I would tend to agree.  Besides, what does worrying about the unknown in your life do for you anyway?!  NOTHING!  For sure it’s wasted energy.  That being said, I’ve wasted plenty of my energies and had several moments in time when the thoughts of what my life would look like without Jason have overwhelmed me to the point of weeping.

Even though this fear of mine isn’t the happiest of topics, I feel beyond blessed to be able to say I have such special people in my life that just the thought of losing one of them makes my heart break into pieces.


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    • Soul sisters. That’s what we are and that is why I say I am making it my LIFE MISSION to meet you this year. Which, I wanted to tell you…by ALL means…COME TO the ATL with yo main squeeze! How fun would THAT be?! I would D-I-E! Let’s work it out, sister!

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