My BEST advice


A piece of advice you have for others.  Anything at all.

Aaaaaaannnnnd….she’s silent.  Ha!  Well, that NEVER happens.  Just ask my husband.  This girl…she has an opinion about everything and hands out UNSOLICITED advice like it’s her J-O-B.  Of course, now that I’m being given the opportunity to share a piece of advice with you AND “pass go” AND “collect $200″….I got nothin’.  Funny how that works, right?

Alright, so while sitting here for the last 15 minutes or so just tapping on the letter keys of my laptop, trying to drum up a piece of advice for you, the most AMAZING idea popped into my head.

Hands down….best advice I can offer you at this moment in time….

Always, always, ALWAYS keep a stick of deodorant in your desk at work.  Always.  Period.

I’ll have you know that this morning was the SECOND TIME in two months that I had to stop off at the drugstore by my office to buy deodorant.


Because I’m RIDICULOUS and forgot to put it on this morning…AGAIN!


Honestly, WHO does that?!  I mean, what’s more irritating than having to stop and buy a stick of deodorant when you’ve got 900 sticks at home?  Yeah, so maybe I hoard deodorant, too.  And tampons.  Two things you should NEVER be without if you’re a lady.  While I get most of my hoarding tendencies from my dad, I can say for certain my mom ALWAYS has at least 5-7 sticks of deodorant in her medicine cabinet.  She likes variety…and so do I.

So there you have it, kids.  Go swipe on some deodorant.


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