Well…my “blog every day in May” has quickly turned into “blog every few days in May…when you feel like it.” Oops!  I have to say, people who blog EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. have my utmost respect.  It takes a lot of time, thought, work and commitment to blog every day. I gave it my best effort…I really did.  I know you’re a forgiving bunch…so I’m not too concerned.

Today’s topic for “Blog every day in May” is; Ten things that make you really happy

In no particular order…10 things that make me really happy…


1. Mail.  Specifically…mail for ME!  Unexpected mail from a friend or a family member make me ECSTATIC…mail that I’m expecting and WAITING on pins and needles to arrive…well, that makes me ecstatic, too.


2. Finding a ridiculously GREAT DEAL.  I pride myself on my bargain hunting abilities.  (My husband dies inside when I start a conversation with…”I got the BEST deal today!!”)  Those beauties above…$22.59.  Bought them last summer and wore them for the first time last week.

Cruise2013 078

3. Our friends.  We’re so blessed to have such great friends.  We have a TON of fun together and have made such great memories. Being able to take a vacation with our friends year after year…it’s happiness that I can’t even explain.

4. Returning HOME from an extended time away and getting to sleep in my OWN bed.  Not only does it make me REALLY happy…it puts me in a state of complete euphoria.


5. Being able to workout WITH my husband in the morning.  Unfortunately, we can’t workout together every morning, but I LOVE it when we can.

6. Post workout morning coffee dates with husband.  I mean, let’s be honest…is there anything better?

Yes…yes there is…


7. Surprises.  Mostly I like surprises when they’re for someone else.  Sort of like this last March when my sister, Melissa and I surprised my mom with tickets to see Elton John.

8. Blogs!!  You guys…OBVIOUSLY!!  The one blog that I literally STALK just waiting for a new post?!  Easy.

Her Late Night Cravings

I could watch Jayme and Mendi all day long and twice on Sunday.  Wait…that last sentence didn’t even make sense.  Whatever, my blog…my rules.  Truly.  Love. These. Girls.  In fact, I’ve professed my undying love for Jayme and basically told her we we’re soul sisters…I’m making it my mission to meet her this year.  It’s gonna happen.  Just you wait and see!

9. 75 degree sunshiny days with clear blue skies and a gentle breeze.  Those days are few and far between here in GA…but when we do have them…everything in my life gets put on hold and I park my booty on the back patio with a book and a cocktail.

Thailand2013 064

10. Call me a CHEESE BALL…I don’t care.  This guy brings me more happiness than anything in my life.  Love him to pieces.


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  1. Awe! I am totally in love with my husband too…probably too in love :). Do you like the birchbox thing? I can’t decide if I will love it or be totally disappointed.Is that a Chive shirt he has on? Love it!

  2. You have been doing awesome blogging this month! I have loved reading everything you have posted!! Girl, the feeling is mutual!! We must meet!! This year!!

    You can totally see the happiness in your moms eyes in that picture. Love it!!

    And your hubby is too cute! You guys make a perfect couple! A strong couple too! :-)


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