Happy New Year!




Holy. Balls.  Where does the time go?!  I feel like it was just yesterday that we were celebrating the year 2010!  Which brings to mind that I’ll indeed be 34 this year and not 33 like I told the kid sitting next to me on the airplane last week.

My subconscious lied.

Is that a sign of getting O-L-D?!  You start “forgetting” how old you really are?!

I digress.

Did everyone have a most spectacular New Year?!

We did.

New Year 2014 2

I managed to see the clock strike midnight without too much of an issue.  I mean, I wanted to crawl behind the couch at our friend’s house by about 9:30, but other than that I rang in the New Year like a boss!

New Year 2014

My plans to start the year off on the “right foot” by hitting the gym this morning…was a total joke.  Despite the fact that I cut myself off from any and all cocktails at 9:30 PM, crawled into bed at 1:00 AM and woke up feeling like a MILLION BUCKS at 9:00 AM…I just couldn’t muster the energy to go to the gym.  Instead, I brewed a pot of coffee, made oatmeal and played candy crush.  So much more rewarding than the gym. Trust.

I’m not making any promises to be a better blogger….but I promise to be present and entertaining when I do drop in.


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